Childrens' Galleries

Childrens' Photography on your doorstep

Every proud parent takes lots of snaps of their children at play, but not all will make it to a picture frame on the mantle piece. The JWP style is to take a combination of shots: some capturing that natural look and a few informally posed professional shotsto get the portrait that is your child.


The context, in which, each photograph is taken depends on you. I have taken pictures of children in parks, on farmland, on National Trust sites. Practically, anywhere there's a beautiful backdrop or fun props.


I encourage the parents to dress the children in simple but nice looking outfits. It's best to bring along a number of different tops or other accessories like jumpers or jackets etc., to enable you, if you wish, to use several images around your house or office

Post Production

I take lots of pictures and after the session has ended I edit the images down to the best photographs that you'll beable to view on-line or see physically on a laptop or computer.