Wedding Photography Options & Gifts from Guests

Fabulous wedding hardback books, with dust jackets, framed, bespoke, mounted pictures with anti-reflect glass, DVD slide shows of your wedding day based on the images that were taken with music of your choice are some of the options that will be open to you.

Of course, you could choose a package that has some or all of these options included (cheaper than deciding after the wedding) but for the budget concious taking advantage of any of these choices afterwards gives you a lot of flexibility. Perhaps, one or more of your guests could buy you an option as a wedding present, in whole or in part (as a gift voucher) Such are the cool options with JWP. Email me for the latest prices. Or we can arrange an informal and relaxed meeting where you can see more of what I do. Call on 07968 450608.

Wedding Books & Other Options:

  1. Hardback with dust jacket sizes
    • Table top size 13 x 10 inches/20 pages
    • Large 11 x 8.5 inches/20 pages
    • Additional pages can be added at a modest cost
  2. Softcover Books
    • Large 11 x 8.5 inches/20 pages
    • Handbag size 8 x 6 inches/20 pages
    • Purse size 3.5 x 2.6 inches/20 pages
    • Additional pages can be added at a modest cost
  3. DVD Slide show
  4. Bespoke Picture Frames

Prices & Gift Options:

It's not possible for me to list every price as usually, an indivivual wants a tailored package and prices will vary. It's best to email the basics: location, guest numbers etc and detailed info to my contact page. Guests also have the opportunity to contribute, in the form of a wedding voucher in denominations of: £10, £20, £30 etc. This can either pay towards the cost of your wedding or they can purchase you an accessory like a dvd or picture book